Nice Vieux Port, Côte d'Azur, French Riviera, France

Nice Côte d'Azur/French Riviera Furnished Apartment - Vieux Port


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The Apartment

Nice, France, apartment balcony
Perfect for a glass of wine ...


Nice, France, lunch on apartment balcony
... or a light lunch in the sun ...
Nice, France, apartment, lunch
... or a larger lunch with friends inside.


Nice, France, apartment balcony view
Nice, France, apartment balcony view
Nice, France, apartment balcony view
View left from balcony
View down from balcony
View right from balcony
Nice, France, apartment living room
Nice, France, apartment kitchen
Nice, France, apartment dining room
View from kitchen to salon
Kitchen with dining - iMac on left w internet access
Nice, France, apartment living room and kitchen
Nice, France, apartment bedroom
Nice, France, apartment living room
kitchen from salon
Salon without curtains
stackable washer dryer thru door on left

Rooms: 2
Surface area: 50+m2 or 540 s.f.
- Furnished
- Equipped with:
iMac flat screen computer with hi-speed internet access,
unlimited free phone calling to all of Europe and North America
(3 cents a minute calls to Australia),
and 50 channel cable TV, with about 5 English channels for news, etc.
washer and dryer ensuite

- Sunny
- Bathtub- Two toilets :-)
- American Kitchen
- Terrace (2 balconies)
City: Nice
Address: 45 rue Bonaparte
(Napoleon lived on this street in the 1790's)

Département: (06) Alpes-Maritimes
Post code: 06300




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